Call Me Dirty

Lyrics "Call Me Dirty"

These little kids think I'm the man
And they don't understand that everything I do is haram
I phoned up my mum, about to open up a shop Maroc
She said son you need to open up your hand
Because Allah has got a different plan
You think you're poor? You need to visit Sudan
You haven't visited ???
But you're going jail every week to visit the gang
How you're living is mad, I'm sorry son I did what I can
Your dad left, you were sitting in prams
I had to work a hundred hours just to get me a grand
I got divorced, I never got me a man
I worked hard to make sure my baby boy he got all that he can
We got poor, but I stuck to the plan
I praised God and put my life in his hands
I hope you do understand, I value you as a man
You know I hear you with my heart mummy
But the worlds dark mummy
So I get this dark money
Starve for Allah akhi
I can't let my fam starve just to keep Allah happy
All of my dogs trappy, get it in the dark trackie
Food up in the large cabby, I hope they free my dog Ratty

Is there angels in this world fam?
There's a human here asking for some help fam
Is there angels, is there angels in this world fam?
There's a human here asking for some help fam

Bitches call me baby, all my brothers call me dirty
Need a mill before I'm thirty, all my brothers know I'm certi (x4)

My eyes red, where's my black glasses?
I take mad chances
Tell the label, fuck your advances
You can take your hundred bags, fuck your hundred bags
You can shove it up your fat asses
I get this money on a black R6
I got this Russian Makarov from the black market
Squeeze the mac, clean the mac, park it
I'm doing evil but I'm clean hearted
I'm like free our kid
Was with your bro the other day
He got my car fixed
I'm still out here on the roads on my die hard shit
You doing life turn to dean it'll make the time pass quick
You doing life turn to dean it'll make the time pass quick (Allah)

Asleep in my room, it was quarter to five blood
I woke up to a bright light making my eyes numb
I jumped out of bed, who the fucks in my room?
A deep voice replied, "I'm your father, you're my son"
I've only got one dad
I'm the one in your life son
You need to change your ways before all of your times done
I gave you many choices you never made right ones
Yeah you prayed daily, but only when night comes
I blessed you with health
I blessed you with fam
So I stepped on the train, and I was dressed like a tramp
I asked you for change, to go get me some food
You was rude and said no, but just went to the bank
You've done a lot of bad that I know you ain't regretting
You've done a lot bad, that I'll forgive, but not forgetting
My child I can pass you into heaven, now tell me what you've done to deserve to be let in

Oh Lord, I've been praying for weeks
Every day on my knees, you know my faith isn't weak
But wait
I got a little question for you
I know I've done a lot of sin, but you've put AIDS in the streets, and you created disease, and you put guns in the world
You let these dirty old men rape these innocent girls
You got my tugs in the jail, fuck this
Some are innocent males
You got the poor starving
No justice in the states for killing more dark skin
Oh my lord, I'm on the floor asking
You got the world up the war, how longs the war lasting? (How longs the war lasting?)

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